television series  Live PD by A&E
musical instrument  A7X by Adam Audio
clothing  Samba by Adidas
musician  Alanis Morissette
restaurant  Anchor Stone Deck Pizza at Newburyport, Massachusetts
musical instrument  Ensemble by Apogee Electronics
musical instrument  Duet by Apogee Electronics
technology  iPhone X by Apple
restaurant  Apres Diem at Atlanta, Georgia
car  Rapide S by Aston Martin
musical instrument  737sp by Avalon Design
card game  Bears v. Babies
feature film  Ben-Hur
musical instrument  DT 770 Pro by Beyerdynamic
musician  Billy Joel
car  Chiron by Bugatti
television series  The Big Bang Theory by CBS
wine  Columbia Valley Chardonnay by Chateau Ste Michelle
education  Code Academy
restaurant  Dairy Joy at Weston, Massachusetts
musicians  Dave Matthews Band
restaurant  Der Biergarten at Atlanta, Georgia
musician  Dolores O'Riordan
restaurant  Einstein's at Atlanta, Georgia
musician  Elton John
musicians  Fleetwood Mac
television series  House, M.D. by Fox
television series  Family Guy by Fox
chef  Gennaro Contaldo
comedian  George Carlin
musical instrument  Les Paul by Gibson
chef  Gordon Ramsay
national park  Grand Canyon National Park at Arizona
book series  Harry Potter
place  Heidelberg Palace at Heidelberg, Germany
tavern  Hofbraeuhaus at Munchen, Germany
musical instrument  500/1 by Hofner
iphone game
actor  Ian McKellen
feature film  Inception
author  J. K. Rowling
author  J. R. R. Tolkien
beer  Pilsener by Jever
musician  John Mayer
chef  John Mitzewich
entertainment venue  Kennedy Center for the Arts at Washington, D. C.
musical instrument  SV-1 by Korg
beer  Lagunitas Maximus IPA by Lagunitas
restaurant  Lee's Burger at Newton, Massachusetts
restaurant  Legal Harborside by Legal Sea Foods at Boston, Massachusetts
toy  Lego
actor  Leonardo DiCaprio
entertainment venue  Lincoln Center for the Arts at New York, New York
entertainment venue  The Metropolitan Opera by Lincoln Center for the Arts at New York, New York
chef  Marco Pierre White
toy  Hotwheels by Mattel
musical instrument  Lone Star by MESA Boogie
musical instrument  Triple Crown by MESA Boogie
music album  Thriller by Michael Jackson
comedians  Monty Python
business service  Moo
comedian  Mr. Bean
national park  Mt. Ranier National Park at Washington
online game  NationStates
television series  The Office by NBC
musical instrument  m149 by Neumann
musical instrument  u87 by Neumann
tavern  Paddy's Public House at Newton, Massachusetts
board game  Pandemic
online game  Pandemic
iphone game 2
restaurant  Park at Cambridge, Massachusetts
musician  Paul McCartney
musicians  Pearl Jam
restaurant  Pizzaria Paradiso at Washington, D. C.
toy  Playmobil
wine  R. Collection No. 3 by Raymond Vinyards
Short Film  Walking by Ryan Larkin
beer  Summer Ale by Samuel Adams
beer  Octoberfest by Samuel Adams
beer  Rebel Rouser by Samuel Adams
feature film  Schindler's List
musical instrument  HD 280 Pro by Sennheiser
musician  Sia Furler
beer  Stella Artois
board game  Stratego
musical instrument  914ce by Taylor Guitars
musical instrument  T5z by Taylor Guitars
musical instrument  u47 by Telefunken
music album  The Beatles (White Album) by The Beatles
feature film  The Godfather
feature film  The Lord of the Rings
feature film  The Prince of Egypt
feature film  The Shawshank Redemption
actor  Tim Curry
clothing  Classic Straight Fit Jeans by Tommy Hilfiger
car  RAV4 Hybrid by Toyota
online game  Tribal Wars
card game  Uno
national park  Volcanoes National Park at Hawai'i
restaurant  Wholesome Fresh at Cambridge, Massachusetts
musicians  Zero 7
tavern  Zum Roten Ochsen at Heidelberg, Germany

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